Codeshot is heavily inspired by, it is a standard a gold standard of software for creating beautiful images from your source code.

How is it different from

I use Carbon for sharing code snippets on my Twitter all the time, but there is one thing that bugged me. It is challenging to make my code center aligned. I can adjust padding and use a combination of tab and spacebar to make that work, but it is time-consuming for such a small task. Most of the time, I would let it be and post them.

But I want something like this:

A perfectly center-aligned code. And that is the beginning of [Codeshot.

How easy it is

It is easier to see than read how easy and effortless it is to make a perfect social media image. So, here is a [Codeshot in action.

As you can see, Codeshot has predefined sizes, which you can select and see in realtime. You can adjust padding and margin as you can see fit. The export file would be what you see in the app.

Give Codeshot a try, and you are going to love it.

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